14 April 2013

Happy Birthday Jack!!

 Happy Birthday Jack/Daddy!


Today Jack turned 21 errr 32. He didn't have a big wish list of what he wanted or wanted to do....or even a wish list at all. (Although, he is going to the NASCAR race in KC next weekend). So we went out to lunch at Colton's Steakhouse and just hung out the rest of the day.  At lunch Katelyn spilled the beans to the server that it was her Daddy's birthday. (She might have had a little coaxing before we left for the restaurant but that person will remain anonymous!)

They came out ringing a cowbell and made him stand up. They asked him his name and age. One of the male servers yelled loudly and got the restaurants attention and said that Jack was turning 28.

The guilty party!
And then they brought him a cup of ice cream with lots of whipped cream on top! Katelyn helped him finish it off!

Happy Birthday! We love you so very much!!!!

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