16 April 2013

Time for a check up, Time for a check up!

Katelyn needed to have a sports physical so she could play t-ball and of course the physical paperwork needed to be turned in before her 4 year appt on the 7th. So we went today and now we just have to go back and get her shots after she turns 4.  She was very cooperative and let the nurse take her blood pressure without a blink of an eye.

And then after the nurse did her thing, she asked Katelyn to get into this cute little gown. This gown is only cute on her because I know she's there for a "Healthy" appt. I wouldn't think it's so cute if she were sick and I pray this is the only time she has/gets to wear on of these little gowns.
And the results.....a perfectly healthy, growing little girl that is cleared to play t-ball. Of course we already knew she was perfect ;)

Her stats:
Weight: 33 pounds
Height: 39 inches

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