08 April 2013

Picking Flowers

 Today, when I picked Katelyn up from school they were on the playground. Whenever they are outside playing at pick up time, Katelyn and her friends always have to run over to a nearby rock that is decent sized and jump off of it a few times. Well today after jumping off the rock she saw some of these beautiful weeds flowers. Ohmyword was she excited about these flowers. She talked nonstop on the way home about what glass she was going to put them in, where she was going to put the glass, how she wanted to put it in her room when she went to bed, that she was going to check on it all the time, etc. This went on for about 15 minute. She was just SO proud of these weeds! And like a good Momma, I humored her!

So we brought them home and she put them in the cup she'd been dying to put them in. Just proud as punch!

And she sat right by them watching them and watching them. Her lunch even had to sit to the side because the "Dandelion flowers" were front and center. 

And a couple times this afternoon she ran over to the table and I heard her say "Are you doing ok in there?"   AHHH, just adorable!

Well, the weeds flowers didn't make it all day. Even with being in water, by dinner time, they were all closed up. Surprisingly she wasn't too upset about it. These were the first flowers that she's brought me but I'm sure they won't be the last. After all, we do have these at our ready - there are plenty of these yellow friends out in our front yard! It was just so precious seeing her so excited and being so thoughtful with them. I just love this little girl!! <3 br="">

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