24 April 2013

{Watch Me Grow} 14 Months

Running - He can get around and fast now! Katelyn isn't safe anywhere!

Jumping - If we say "Will, Jump Jump" he'll kind of squat down and stand back up kind of like he's jumping. He's gotten off the ground a few times too!

He can now climb up on the couch - lovely!! He does know how to slide off on his belly so that is nice, but he likes to stand up once he gets on and I'm afraid he's going to tumble off.

He can climb up the stairs all by himself, but hasn't figured out how to go back down.

Momma, Daddy, Ball, Bye Bye And more jabbering and pointing than you can shake a stick at! One of these days he's going to start making sense!

Ehhhh, could be better, but he's definitely improving. His favorites: Pretzels, pasta (mac and Cheese and any other noodle cut up small), sliced cheese, grapes and DILL PICKLES!!

He still loves whole milk, but also loves his bottle. Dang this kid - I'm not sure when I'll be able to get him off it. He will drink from a sippy cup at meals but when he's cranky and tired, he refuses it! He just wants his bottle. I equate it to some kids are addicted to their paci, well he is hooked on his bottle. I try to tell myself, he won't have it forever and I should just enjoy the cuddle time I get while he's drinking it.

Same as before. He is still taking a morning and afternoon nap.Some days he doesn't get a morning nap because we are running errands or it's not that long because I have to wake him to go get Katelyn. At night, he goes down between 7:45-8 and will usually sleep until 4-6. When he wakes up if it's closer to 4 or even 5 I give him a bottle and he goes back down for several more hours without too much of a fight. I know I need to work on just crying it out if it's closer to 4, but man this kid is one stubborn thing! If he wakes up before 4, he usually doesn't want to be awake (lately I think his teeth (molars) have been bothering him) and Jack can just go in and lay him back down, rub his back for a second and he's back out. But, If I were to go in and try that, no dice! I started calling Jack the baby whisperer! I wish it were this easy when he wakes up in the morning at 4ish, but he's wide awake at this point.

Easter - He was not a fan of the Easter bunny at all. We went to post for an egg hunt and bunny visit. 

Easter Morning
We went to the park for the first time this year. He enjoyed running around and was pretty darn determined to make it up the slide. No such luck on the climbing of the slide though.

Static electricity from the slide
He also enjoyed playing in the gym with the bats and balls during and after Katelyn's mini t-ball sessions. Soon enough it will be him we are going these mini sessions for!
We also celebrated Daddy's birthday!

Favorite Toys/Books:

He's pretty happy with the cozy coupe. He hasn't figured out how to make it go on his own but man does he love to get a ride in it. In general, he loves being in the basement. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that we spend most of the days upstairs so it's new toys to play with while we are down there.
He L.O.V.E.D riding in Katelyn's car. He sat there even after she was done and had gotten out.

And BROOMS and VACUUMS are so exciting didn't you know? I have to hide the broom now because he'll get it out and try to push it all over the house.
And if we leave the closet door ajar that houses the vacuum, he makes a mad dash to open the door and wheel the vacuum out. Katelyn has a kid sized vacuum that he'll play with sometimes, but nothing beats Mom's Dyson don't you know!? I can't wait until he's big enough to vacuum, at which point he will want nothing to do with it!


Hanging with the 2 David's during a playdate. They wanted to go downstairs with the big kids and play.

Jack had gone out to the garage and he wants to be with Daddy at all times when he's home, so he just sat there and waited or until I moved him so he wouldn't get crushed when someone came in the door.

Will loves playing in Katelyn's bed. He is usually up earlier than she is in the morning so I'll say "Will, let's go wake Katelyn up" and he'll run right to her bedroom door and wait for me to open it and then whine until I get him on the bed. Then he tackles her. She loves it.......er...most of the time.

He has become infatuated with Mickey Mouse or "Hot Dog" as he is often referred to. Him and David are excited that "Hot Dog" came on the tv.

Some smiles from the last month!

It's A Boy Thing:
Temper Tantrums! If this kid does not get his way, he throws himself down on the floor and makes sure we know he's not happy. When he starts this, I just lay him down (make sure he's on the carpet and not tile) and leave him be. It doesn't usually last too long once I walk away, but geesh! Drama Queen king.

He found the wipes package in his diaper bag and found it fun to pull out 90% of the nearly full package. He didn't seem to think there was anything wrong when I caught him and he even helped me put them back in the package.

Weight: 24.5 pounds
Clothes: 12 months but some 9 months shirts are still fitting
Shoes: Size 5
Diaper: Size 4
Teeth: Still the same 7

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