10 April 2013

Lil gymnast

 Katelyn's been in gymnastics for about 7 months now and has really enjoyed it! She is even getting pretty good. Ms. Tutu (the instructor) has made several comments about how well she is doing and doing some things that kids her age shouldn't be doing. Maybe we have a little gymnast on our hands! Either way she is enjoying it and that is all that matters. She gets excited every Monday when it's gymnastics day. We'll have to see what we can find when we get to Leavenworth so she can continue to go. I hope it's as great as the program here.

She got a new leotard.....her old one was getting a tad short in length.
Up on the bars!

 Katelyn got to be the demonstrator today for all the of the things they were going to work on. She loves it when Ms. Tutu picks her to show everyone.

 They did some floor stuff before rotating to the bars but I didn't get any pictures of those things. At the end of each class they get out the parachute and each kid gets to get in the center and they do "Bubbles" for each one of them. After that they all duck under the parachute where they are to be very quiet until she pulls it off of them and then they jump up. Then it's stamp time and we're on our way until next week.

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MICHELE said...

As a gymnast myself those pics speak VOLUMES about her strength and ability. Lo lacks strength right now and can't do that much. I wish she could do it because I was gifted at it...right now MW looks like my only hope! HA! Katelyn looks like a natural! I hope she stays with it!