23 April 2013

Westside Preschool Art Show

Tonight was the last family night at Katelyn's school. It was an "Art Show" and each of the classes posted some recent art work.

Her bird house that had spanish moss in it for a nest.
The talked about dinosaurs for a week and during that week each of the kids made their own volcanoes. I wasn't sure what they were going to do with them...well is what they had planned. I should have known her teachers had it all figured out!

She poured baking soda, vinegar and red dye into her volcano and.......
it erupted!! She loved it!

Looking at more of her artwork with her teacher, Ms. Heather.

Dinosaur eggs
And then the kids got to make ice cream sundaes. She only ate a few bites because running around the gym with her friend Kathleen was much more fun!

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